According to tech research firm Gartner, 80% of tasks currently performed by project managers will soon be replaced by AI. So soon in fact, that the firm claims many duties of a project manager will become obsolete by as early as 2030. But before you get too worried, you’ll be happy to know that AI tools are more likely to revolutionize project management than kill it. But still… will AI replace project managers? Read on to find out. 


Will AI Replace Project Managers?

In short, no. AI isn’t likely to replace human project managers. It may, however, replace some aspects of the job traditionally performed by humans. But, these replaceable tasks can actually make project management more effective and efficient. That’s because, as Forbes points out, project management is all about data. Available and developing AI technology can assist project managers in collecting good data, determining risks, and automating administrative tasks. Although this may seem like it takes away a large portion of a project manager’s job, it actually leaves them more room to perform vital tasks that can only be done by a human, like leading a team, meeting with stakeholders, avoiding risks, and steering the project towards success.


Plus, AI May Make Projects more Successful

According to the Standish Group and Harvard Business Review, only 35% of projects are considered successful. This staggering statistic is likely partially due to “outdated technology facing an ever-changing field”. AI tools could be the solution the industry needs to reduce the number of failed projects and garner more value and benefits for individuals and organizations.


How You Can Use AI in Project Management 

Effective project managers must be able to analyze and influence tasks and data for multiple projects, people, deadlines, and budgets. AI tools can automatically give project managers the support they need to do this effectively. Here are a few ways you may use AI in project management. 


  • Scheduling and Prioritization – From the very beginning of a project, AI can assist project managers with creating an accurate and robust schedule. AI tools can create a schedule from project data and adjust the schedule based on priorities, and resources. 

  • Cost Estimation – Likewise, AI may be able to help with cost estimation. By comparing past projects pricing data to the current project, AI can quickly generate an accurate estimate. 

  • Allocating Resources – By analyzing historical data, project requirements, and resources AI may be able to help project managers more effectively assign crew members to specific tasks. 

  • Modeling – AI has the ability to use modeling – hypothetical project scenarios – to “explore different outcomes.” For example, AI technology can take the project as it is and add several more events or resources to the schedule to see what happens. This can help project managers determine the best possible outcome of the project with very little risk. 

  • Predictions – AI can help project managers make predictions using available data. These predictions can help project managers identify potential risks, scheduling or resource allocation issues, and other factors that could impact project success.

  • Automation – One of the most important functions of AI for project managers is the ability to automate certain tasks. Generative AI can not only automate technical work like status reports, it can also automatically generate administrative tasks like note taking, report summaries, project plans and more. This can help free up vital time for project managers and allow them to take on more complex aspects of the project. 


A New and Improved Role for Project Managers

While automating a lot of tasks that project managers are traditionally responsible for may seem scary, these professionals may find that their new role is more rewarding than before. Project managers will be able to focus on cultivating their soft skills, leadership capabilities, business acumen and strategies for a more successful project.



In Conclusion.. AI is More Likely to Help Than Hinder Project Managers

Instead of rendering project management obsolete, AI can revolutionize the way the industry handles projects. By focusing on AI as a tool for project managers rather than a job replacement, the construction industry can look forward to more efficient and successful projects. Using AI, project managers will be able to focus on leadership rather than getting bogged down by boring and repetitive tasks.



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