Oracle Primavera Cloud (OPC) is a project management application that allows for user collaboration. To aid in the collaboration process, OPC will send users in-app notifications. These notifications will alert users  of any tasks that need their attention.Notifications in OPC will also alert users when a services have been completed. Many scheduling functions – such as importing or exporting projects – will be performed as a background service.

This allows users to continue using the program, even as the services are being run. Once a service is completed, users will receive a notification pop up on the screen. Some notifications provide additional resources as well, such as links to the service log or updated activities.

When you export a project in Oracle Primavera Cloud, you can download the project file from the associated notification. This is the only way to download an exported OPC file. Sometimes, however, notifications won’t display within the program. This can be frustrating, as it may prevent users from being able to export and share their project files.

In this article, we will cover what to do if your notifications aren’t displaying in Oracle Primavera Cloud. These troubleshooting methods will help you retrieve any needed missing notifications.

1. Access the Inbox

If your notification popped up on the screen, it can usually be found in the Notifications window.

If the needed notification isn’t displayed here, it may be available within the Inbox. The Inbox will display all completed background services and alerts from collaborators. If you are exporting an Oracle Primavera Cloud project to a Primavera P6 file type, the completed export notification should display in the Inbox.

To access the Inbox, select the Notifications bell and then View All In Inbox. Here, you should see all completed background services and options to filter notifications by type.

Selecting a notification from the list will provide you with more information about the service. Here, you can download exported files or view service logs.

If you are exporting an OPC file to Microsoft Project, your notification will not appear in the Inbox. Completed Microsoft Project export notifications can be found in the All Notifications page.

2. Check the All Notifications page

If you aren’t seeing your needed notification in the Inbox, you can try to find it in the All Notifications page. To access this page, first open up the Inbox. Select the All Notifications button within the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

The All Notifications page will show notifications for all completed services. Here, you will be able to find any exported Microsoft Project files – which are run as integrations within the program.

You can view all notifications on this page. To see more options for a notification, select the gear icon to the left of it. Here, you’ll be able to download exported project files and view service logs.

3. Adjust the notification settings in the All Notifications page

If you aren’t seeing your notification in the All Notifications list, you can try adjusting the notification settings. At the top of this page, you can use the Show dropdown menu to adjust which notifications display. Here, you can adjust this page to Show All Notifications.

All Notifications, even those that were read, should now display on this screen.

4. Adjust your browser or device

If notifications are still not displaying, it may be an issue with the browser or device you’re using. You may want to try accessing Oracle Primavera Cloud on a different browser/device to see if it makes a difference. If notifications are displaying on a different browser/device, there is a compatibility issue with the ones you’re currently using.

5. Check with your OPC administrator

If you have tried the above steps and notifications still aren’t displaying, it may be due to a system issue. To help resolve this issue, you should contact your administrator and report it.

The administrator may be able to help you resolve the issue on their end. If not, they can submit a support request to Oracle to help for more help.


In Oracle Primavera Cloud, notifications provide important information about completed services and work.

These notifications will often provide important resources, such as exported project files. If the notifications don’t display within the program, you might not be able to work with your projects as needed. Following the steps above, you can resolve notification issues and continue your workflows as needed.

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