Oracle Primavera Cloud is a project, portfolio, and program management platform that allows for control over all stages of the project lifecycle. This is essentially Oracle’s push to get Primavera P6 to the cloud. Oracle Primavera Cloud, or OPC, integrates project and portfolio planning with delivery teams for planning, resourcing, risk mitigation, and scheduling. OPC works completely on a cloud based platform, meaning that you will need Wi-Fi to access the content, but you can easily share projects and progress with other team members. Working from the cloud enables for more communication, consistency, and confidence when working with multiple projects and project teams simultaneously.

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Primavera Cloud consists of four cloud service modules: Primavera Schedule, Task Scheduling, Primavera Portfolio, and Risk Management.


The core of Oracle Primavera Cloud is Primavera Schedule, OPC’s CPM scheduling service. This application can be thought of as a more advanced, cloud-based version of Primavera P6 Professional or Primavera P6 Enterprise. Similar to the P6 programs, you can plan, schedule, and control projects and programs, analyze activity performance, and monitor cost-loaded resources and roles. Built specifically to ease the tradition from Primavera P6 users to the cloud, OPC features a simplified, more accessible user interface while maintaining all functionality. Primavera P6 XML files can directly be imported into OPC, making for a smooth transition of even in-progress projects.

In comparison to Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Cloud is not only modernized but also more cost effective – the Primavera Schedule service starts at only $100 per user per month, which is about a third of the cost of one Primavera P6 license. 

Additionally, utilizing OPC’s Primavera Schedule allows for multiple users to manage multiple projects simultaneously. This can be especially helpful for companies that utilize project teams around the world – with the cloud, they can all communicate, monitor, and adjust individual projects and programs efficiently.

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Formerly known as Primavera Lean, Oracle Primavera Cloud’s Task Scheduling service is a collaborative task planning system integrated with the CPM scheduling engine. This is essentially Oracle’s version of lean scheduling – here, you can manage activities from your CPM schedule and break them down into tasks that can be rearranged for efficiency.

Task Scheduling is based on traditional lean scheduling processes. In the past, lean scheduling was performed via team meetings where activities were rearranged on a board to ensure project efficiency. In OPC, this is performed using a digital planning board. CPM activities can be broken down into tasks that can be physically rearranged by various project teams simultaneously. 

The decisions made in the Task Scheduling service can then be integrated into the master CPM schedule, allowing for full visibility, coordination, and communication among team members and stakeholders.

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Oracle Primavera Cloud’s Primavera Portfolio allows for a portfolio-based view of projects and programs. With portfolios, you can view and manage multiple project’s information such as pipelines, estimated budgets, and capital spend requirements. This module was developed specifically for portfolio managers, allowing them to evaluate scenarios and budgets across projects to ensure that they align with corporate strategic goals.

Essentially, portfolios allow you to view all of the projects, resources, and other data that is being utilized for your organization simultaneously. This can be seen through a variety of different tools, such as customizable dashboards, performance scorecards, and investor maps. Taking a step back from the individual project data, Primavera Portfolio allows portfolio managers full control over all project stages, from the initial planning until execution.

Additionally, the Primavera Portfolio module introduces more tools to ease the project planning phase. Projects in this module can be submitted as project proposals, allowing portfolio managers to accept or reject potential projects before they are fully created. All projects, both proposed and realized, can be grouped, sorted, and rearranged to maximize benefits and minimize risks across the entire portfolio. Primavera Portfolio also features portfolio filtering and KPI monitoring via customizable measures, letting users continuously monitor portfolio performance.

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OPC’s Risk Management allows users to capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate any potential project risks. In the Risk Register, you can add and categorize all project risks and opportunities, which can be useful to maintain communication with project team members. 

Oracle Primavera Cloud’s Risk Management module features a risk analysis tool that allows you to run Monte Carlo simulations on potential risks and opportunities. This quantitative and qualitative analysis will produce histogram curves showing expected time and cost outcomes, along with the probability of each occurring. Using this data, project managers can make more informed decisions on which risks should be prioritized for mitigation.

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Oracle Primavera Cloud has a low initial user requirement of (5) Schedule Cloud Service subscriptions and a price point of just $1,320.00 per user per year. The optional modules can be added to the subscription plan at any time. There are no start-up costs and all updates and upgrades are applied dynamically to the system. Oracle technical support is included with the subscription. Additionally, every environment is assigned an Oracle Client Success Manager to sponsor and support your deployment.


If you are interested in learning more about Oracle Primavera Cloud, please refer to our OPC page here.

Taradigm is an Oracle Gold Partner and we provide assistance with all aspects of OPC implementation, from licensing to deployment to training. Please contact us here if you have any questions or inquiries in regards to OPC.

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  1. Thomas Hadley

    is there a single user version of cloud ?

    • Dylan Harvey

      Hi Thomas,
      The minimum you can purchase is 5 user licenses. For single users, Primavera P6 would be a great option. Let me know if you have anymore questions!


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