Signing documents can be a surprisingly time-consuming task. Luckily, the old way of signing documents (printing them out, signing them with a pen and paper, scanning them, and faxing them back out again) is now an unnecessary headache. That’s because DocuSign has made signature software technology that allows you to easily and securely sign and store documents electronically- directly from your computer. But what is Docusign exactly? And who should use it?

What is DocuSign?


DocuSign eSignature is a powerful e-signature solution that allows you to legally and securley collect signatures for your important documents. DocuSign uses e-signature technology that allows you to sign your documents quicly and seamlessly online. Electronic signatures with DocuSign require no paper, printer, fax machine, or pen. And most importantly, you don’t need any software experience to use it.




Who Should Use Docusign eSignature?

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large company, DocuSign can help you get your documents created and signed with ease. DocuSign eSignature is used in many, if not all, industries. From healthcare and technology companies to government agencies and schools and everywhere in between. In fact, you can use DocuSign’s e-signatures for almost any agreement in any line of work. 



Plans and Pricing



DocuSign offers a few different eSignature plans that you can choose from based on your needs. To compare plans, prices, and request a quote for DocuSign through Taradigm, click here or contact us.

7 Benefits of Using Docusign 


1. Ease of Use


When you’re sending out documents to get signed, the last thing you want is to have to walk your signer through a complicated process. Luckily, DocuSign is super easy to use. It features a user-friendly interface that is simple enough for someone with little tech experience to master. Signers are able to quickly create a custom signature and then simply click on the required fields to sign their documents. 



2. Remote Signing


One of the biggest advantages of using Docusign is that documents can get signed with just a few clicks of a button on your home computer. That’s because DocuSign allows you to create and sign your documents on any device from anywhere with an internet connection. Meaning, you won’t have to travel anywhere to get the job done. 


3. Security


Keeping your documents secure is vital to running your business. That’s why DocuSign takes great care in protecting your documents. DocuSignmeets the most stringent global security certifications, and offers enterprise-grade security and compliance controls.” The company is commited to protecting your information, documents, and data. Each document’s e-signature authenticity is verified either through a signer’s email, cell phone, ID, and/ or one-time security codes. DocuSign also utilizes two-factor identification where a signer must prove their identity through two different channels. For example, you can verify a signer through a text and an email. Plus, after you or your customer signs a document, DocuSign automatically creates an electronic record for future reference. 


4. Easy Collaboration


One of the biggest challenges for any business is getting your organization together to sign and send out agreements. Docusign e-signature makes collaboration a breeze with several collaborative tools to keep your workflow moving forward:


  • Real-time comments: Docusign allows your team to make and respond to comments in real time on your in-progress documents. 


  • Delegated Signing: If you aren’t available to sign, you can delegate someone else to sign for you through DocuSign.

  • Create and Share Templates: The Software allows you to create custom templates that you can use whenever necessary. Plus, you can share them with your team at any time!

  • Envelope Sharing: DocuSign allows you to select individuals who you want to share documents with who can take over while you’re away. They’ll have the ability to review, track and manage your workflows until you return. 

5. Simple Software Integration


It can be frustrating to constantly have to download and install new applications when you just want to get some work done. That’s why DocuSign has made over 400 integrations including the most used systems. DocuSign seamlessly integrates with Oracle, Salesforce, Box, Slack, and many more popular systems. This integration means that, for example, Salesforce customers can sign their documents via DocuSign through Salesforce- without having to leave the same system. Cutting out the middleman saves money, enhances security, and boosts productivity. 

6. Custom Documents


One of the most useful aspects of DocuSign is that it empowers you to create your own customized documents. DocuSign’s intuitive interface guides you through making your own custom documents. You and your team can access, modify, and approve these decuments before sending  them out to clients. Plus, your documents can include custom colors, branding, and logos to make them even more professional and aesthetically pleasing. 

7. Time Savings


Have you noticed a running theme here? One of the best reasons to use DocuSign is that it saves you valuable time. DocuSign can automate some of the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks on your to-do list. DocuSign allows you to quickly and easily create, send out, and sign documents from anywhere. And, DocuSign’s intuitive document building system cuts time and reduces errors right from the beginning.

With DocuSign eSignature, you’ll not only have a convenient and easy e-signature solution, you’ll also have more time and money to complete the most important tasks for your business.  

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