Use and Procedures Guides

The Use and Procedures Guide is a custom document created by our staff that is based on your organization’s specific use of your software. This electronic document includes only the features and functions of the application that are relevant to your processes, workflow and nomenclature. Better than a typical training manual or generic user guide, our Use and Procedures Guides are ‘living,’ documents, meant to be updated as your team gains experience with the software, deploys more functionality and develops best practices.


Download a sample of a custom use and procedures guide for Oracle Primavera Cloud.


Download a sample of a custom use and procedures guide for Primavera P6 Professional or Enterprise.

How is a Custom Use & Procedures Guide Created?

There are a couple of ways that we can create your custom guide:

Discovery Call

Our staff will meet with you to discuss your custom guide via a discovery call. During the call, we will go over your company’s processes, needs and goals as they relate to the software. During the call, we will ask you  to describe the specific features and functions that your team uses now and what you would like them to use in the future. Discovery calls usually take around one to two hours. Afterwards, our trainer will take the information gathered and create your custom guide.


Post-training Implementation

Our training staff can create your guide based on what they’ve learned about your company in one of our Oracle Primavera Cloud or Primavera P6 classes. During the class, the trainer will get to know what challenges your team has had with the software as well as the functions they found most useful. With that information, we can create your custom Use and Procedures Guide.

We can typically create your guide in just a couple of days.