Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud offers a scalable,  low cost, entry solution for companies transitioning their project portfolios and project scheduling to an online environment. Primavera Cloud is modular and includes Primavera Schedule, Primavera Lean, Primavera Portfolio Management and Primavera Progress.

Additionally, Primavera Cloud includes access to comprehensive online training content to help new users get started. Primavera P6 users will be familiar with the navigation of the scheduling module and will be able to communicate with field staff using integrated Lean Scheduling features.

Primavera Schedule

At the core of Oracle Primavera Cloud is Primavera Schedule Service, Oracle’s premier CPM Scheduling application which has been built from the ground up for Primavera P6 users to transition to the cloud. Primavera Schedule features a modern, more accessible user interface without sacrificing functionality. It includes a dynamic learning center and robust contextual help center for new users learning the program and veteran users transitioning from Primavera P6. As a cost effective alternative to Primavera P6, Primavera Schedule Service starts at $100 per user per month, has a minimum of five users and includes support; about a third of the cost of acquiring one new P6 license.

Efficiently plan, schedule, and control programs and individual projects. Evaluate scenarios to determine the best project plans and mitigate risk. Optimize resources across project teams and track progress.

Robust tools make it easy to plan and manage multiple projects at the same time—and ensure optimal use of resources.

  • Evaluate and select optimal project schedule scenarios, including performing “what-if” analysis
  • Create role-based capacity plans based on project resource demands
  • Optimize roles and resources to maximize ROI
  • Easily communicate project plan changes

Make sure all stakeholders have the access and visibility they need to plan, schedule, monitor, and deliver superior projects.

  • Monitor project progress against original and current baselines
  • Track, report, and analyze project activity, status, and key performance indicators
  • Fully integrate Lean task management to improve efficiency, coordination and control across project activities
  • Enable team collaboration with mobile devices and social tools
  • Reduce risk of schedule overruns
  • Optimize roles and resources for maximum ROI
  • Monitor project progress against original and current baselines
  • Create role-based capacity plans based on project resource demands
  •  Evaluate and select optimum project schedule scenarios
  • Monitor, report, and analyze project activity, status, and key performance indicators
  • Complete more, higher value projects sooner
  • Monitor and status projects on mobile devices
  •  Flexible user interface
  • Progress interface for gathering status updates
  • Integrated risk management
  • Integrated Lean task management
  • Role and resource optimization, demand, and capacity planning
  • Rich, query-based project filtering
  • Monitor actual project progress against original and current baselines
  • “What-If” scenario planning and optimization
  • Flexible dashboards, performance, and reporting
  • Collaboration and social networking

Schedule Management

Today’s organizations have a myriad of projects underway at any given time, presenting an enterprise wide management challenge. Oracle Primavera Schedule helps businesses meet that challenge with powerful project planning and scheduling capabilities.

Oracle Primavera Schedule is ideal for organizations that need to simultaneously manage multiple projects and support multi-user access. It offers scheduling and resource control capabilities plus support for multi-tiered project hierarchies, resource scheduling, and customizable views. Project teams can easily monitor actual progress against baseline schedules.

Oracle Primavera Schedule combines proven schedule management principles with a set of collaboration tools to provide a comprehensive solution to organize and manage a schedule of activities required to complete a project. Users can define a list of activities, specify relationships and constraints, and assign required resources. Activities can be logically sequenced into a project schedule using the Critical Path Method.

Schedule scenarios allow users to analyze and adjust a “what-if” version of the schedule without affecting the current schedule. With schedule scenarios, users can create and manage multiple planning schedules, modifying details as they evaluate and anticipate different situations, project conditions, resource and role requirements, response plans, delays, and other project issues. Schedule scenarios show how a given outcome may affect the project without making permanent changes to the actual schedule.

Resource Management

Oracle Primavera Schedule makes it easy for project and resource managers to communicate their requirements and decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle. By providing a graphical analysis of resource and role utilization, Oracle Primavera Schedule helps project teams manage resources in a dynamic environment. This allows managers to see where resources are being used across all projects, as well as their forecasted future use. Because all information is located in a single, centralized system, resource conflicts become apparent to project and resource managers, eliminating unexpected delays or unforeseen resource limitations. The result: greater visibility into resource demand and capacity and optimized resource use.

Resource and role allocation is analyzed at the project level, enabling project and resource managers to review current allocation. Using the Analysis page for a project, users can identify resources and roles that are overallocated or underallocated and make adjustments accordingly. At the workspace level, view resource or role usage for any workspace resource or roles assigned to projects in that workspace.

Grouping bands enable users to view rolled-up availability and allocation values for these resources and roles. Resolve overallocation through leveling or changing resource assignments. The timescale can be adjusted to enable the review of allocations at the level needed to make decisions during the phases of the project lifecycle.

Oracle Primavera Professional

With Oracle Primavera Professional you get the capabilities of Primavera scheduling in an easy to use desktop application. Purposely built for schedulers, Primavera Professional comprises a feature set and user interface developed specifically for scheduling to provide improved usability and faster performance.

The intuitive UI allows users to see more of the schedule, whilst tabbed views provide the ability to work with multiple areas at one time. All changes are automatically saved to the database, requiring no interaction. Combined with the ability to assign codes, resources and relationships to multiple activities at one time, Oracle Primavera Professional provides powerful yet easy project scheduling.

Primavera Lean

Digitize Lean Construction

Boost efficiency, visibility, and control in Lean construction processes. Define, coordinate, and manage tasks with digital planning boards. Monitor performance and integrate with the CPM master schedule.

Digitize and Optimize Lean Construction

Streamline Lean construction task management and improve project team coordination and delivery.

  • Collaboratively define tasks, determine due dates and commit to completion plans
  • Easily visualize and revise plans using a color-coded digital planning board
  • Coordinate Lean tasks using mobile devices, web interface, and collaborative meetings

Complete Coordination and Command: Uniting Lean and CPM for Exceptional Project Outcomes

Oracle Primavera Lean is the first and only offering that unites Lean and Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling approaches to achieve exceptional project and business outcomes. The cloud-based, mobile-enabled solution automates and simplifies Lean Scheduling to optimize its impact – facilitating the precise coordination, commitment, and community required for success. It also harnesses the power of Oracle’s industry-leading Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution to deliver the enterprise level visibility and control essential for CPM. The bottom line: complete coordination and command for more successful and profitable projects.

Integrate with Master Schedule

Monitor performance and fully integrate Lean construction processes with the master Critical Path Method schedule.

  • Automatically generate and capture key performance metrics, including planned percent complete (PPC)
  • Identify trends that limit team productivity
  • Integrate with the master schedule to improve visibility for all stakeholders, enhance project data management, and make better decisions

Foundation for Lean Success

  • Coordination: Precise alignment between trades and tasks to be completed, as well as the materials and resources required
  • Commitment: Establishing realistic task deadlines and meeting those commitments consistently
  • Community: Cooperation, collaboration, and communication between and among stakeholders in front office, back office and job site

Key Business Benefits

  • Unites Lean and CPM approaches to achieve exceptional project and business outcomes
  • Automates and simplifies Lean to optimize its impact
  • Delivers the enterprise-level visibility and control essential for CPM
  • Enables complete coordination and project command for more successful and profitable projects
  • Allows the field to work the way they want while providing enterprise visibility for the home office

Key Features

  • Visibility from sub-task through enterprise view—no other tool does this
  • Scope, cost, and schedule solutions integrated under a single platform
  • P6 and task management fully integrated
  • Extreme scale—one project or entire portfolio
  • Personalization that avoids information overload
  • Ability to update project status online or offline via iPad and iPhone apps
  • Adaptable task sequences focus on short interval timelines that inform the master schedule for a complete view of performance
  • Enables complete coordination and project command for more successful and profitable projects
  • Complete cloud-based solution backed by the power of Oracle
  • Easy-to-use interface and simple deployment


Stakeholders in the construction and engineering ecosystem grapple with unprecedented requirements — ranging from demands for faster builds and higher penalties for missed deadlines to a growing shortage of skilled trade resources, which drives up costs, erodes margins, and slows progress to a crawl.

Firms are increasingly looking to Lean scheduling to help them more consistently deliver projects on time and on budget. Tools have been scarce and typically automate or support only portions of the Lean methodology. As important, they do not connect to the broader enterprise — reinforcing the division between the two fundamental construction project management approaches: Critical Path Method (CPM) and Lean scheduling.

Oracle Primavera Lean addresses both of these challenges with a single, complete cloud-based offering. It digitizes and simplifies Lean scheduling to optimize its impact. As important, it provides an environment in which Lean and CPM can coexist, complement each other, and deliver compounded benefits.


Oracle Primavera Lean is an integrated platform for CPM and Lean scheduling that empowers stakeholders to resolve lingering coordination, commitment, and community challenges and harness the combined power of Lean and CPM. With the solution, construction and engineering enterprises can:

• Reduce the need for larger, complex master schedules that were never intended to micromanage the level of detail required for field execution teams

• Place the right coordination tool in the hands of the right stakeholder to eliminate costly rework, improve accountability, and reduce risk

• Drive performance down to the job site based on commitments of field disciplines.

• Align stakeholder incentives with shared knowledge and common goals to drive community engagement and successful business outcomes

• Allow the field to work the way they want whilst providing the enterprise visibility that the home office requires


To effectively blend Lean and CPM methodologies, and realize the benefits of both, Oracle Primavera Lean provides a single, unified platform for engineering and construction projects, programs, and enterprises. It automates processes and integrates project data from the back office, front office, and field to enable complete coordination and command of even the most complex construction projects. The solution unites scope, cost, and scheduling in a single platform, enabling unprecedented visibility from the sub-task level through the enterprise view.

The solution delivers an integrated environment to effectively:

• Define Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Easy-to-use templates enable users to create a big-picture schedule by organizing projects into manageable phases using WBS

• Map activities, durations, and relationships: Users map logical relationships between activities in the CPM network to determine critical path and project completion date. The solution automates activity sequencing and relationships and connects activities between WBS elements to reflect transitions between phases

• Create activity plans: The digital planning board—purpose built to support Lean scheduling— enables Last Planners® to break down activities into smaller tasks, collaboratively plan due dates, and commit to them as planned

• Make commitments: The planning board provides an automated environment for committing to due dates, tagging completed tasks, and recommitting to those not completed. It encompasses planned, committed, completed, and overdue tasks, as well as reference activities

• Monitor Performance: Intuitive analytics enable users to monitor Planned Percent Complete (PPC) and assign reasons for missed commitments per Lean scheduling Institute best practices. Task alerts also notify the CPM network in real-time of incompatible dates or status. This capability informs the WBS update process and improves collaboration and control throughout the project



Today’s construction professionals demand access to information when and where they need it-on the job site or across the globe. Oracle Primavera Lean enables users to access and update project status online or offline via iPad and iPhone applications.

In addition, extreme personalization capabilities boost productivity by enabling professionals to focus on the information most important to them and avoid information overload.

As an Oracle Cloud offering, the solution enables a low cost of entry—eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware—and assures a lower management burden moving forward. It delivers high reliability, rapid access to the latest versions and updates, and ultimate scalability. Further, an easy-to-use interface and simplified deployment save time and money and jump start adoption.

It’s time to bridge the divide between Lean Construction and CPM. The key is digitizing and simplifying lean to optimize its impact while providing a unified platform where Lean and CPM can coexist, thrive, complement each other, and deliver compounded benefits. Oracle Primavera Lean provides the path forward.

Primavera Portfolio

Oracle Primavera Portfolios Cloud Service provides a portfolio-based view of project information including the proposed project pipeline, estimated budgets, and capital spend requirements. Portfolio managers can evaluate scenarios and arrive at an optimal plan to allocate financial budgets and other resources across multiple projects that are in-line with strategic goals. Customers will be able to monitor portfolio health, track performance, and balance portfolios via alignment with corporate strategic goals.

Powerful Project Portfolio Management

Get a long-term view into project portfolio health and performance. Enhance visibility into project information, including pipeline, budgets, and capital spend needs. Ensure alignment of project portfolios with corporate goals.

Monitor Portfolio Performance

Gain full visibility to evaluate portfolio health and performance throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Analyze project portfolio activity, status, and success metrics
  • Easily compare key project information and KPIs with robust dashboards
  • Share performance improvement results with across stakeholders
  • Gain faster agreement on project budgets with real-time collaboration

Focus on the Projects that Matter Most

Streamline project portfolio management in the cloud to optimize investment mix and maximize return.

  • Propose, inventory, prioritize, and select projects in a collaborative environment
  • Visualize portfolio-level capital planning and drive budget planning cycle
  • Perform long-range capital planning with rolling forecast support
  • Evaluate project portfolio spending by modeling “what-if” scenarios

Key Business Benefits

  • Secure, scalable and configurable cloud based solution
  • Rich, query-based portfolio filtering capability
  • Portfolio level prioritization capability with investor maps (bubble charts) to visually compare projects
  • Strategic alignment hierarchy to link projects with business drivers and monitor project towards goals
  • Role-based portfolio level capacity planning
  • Integrated project portfolio and capital plan management
  • Multiple funding sources allocation to projects via a Portfolio
  • “What if” scenario planning, optimization and water-lining capability
  • Real-time efficient frontier options to visualize portfolio options
  • KPI monitoring via customizable measures formulae allow for ongoing monitoring of portfolio performance
  • Configurable workflow and approvals with notifications
  • Flexible dashboards, performance scorecards and reporting solutions
  • Collaboration and social networking capabilities

Key Features

  • Consistently evaluate projects based on your business criteria
  • Edit projects rating across your portfolio
  • Use an investor map (bubble chart) to graphically view the scores of projects in the portfolio
  • Align proposed and active projects to strategies or other business drivers
  • Create role-based capacity plans for your project portfolio based on project resource demands
  • Create multi-year, long-range capital plans with annual budget planning and rolling forecast support
  • Prioritize investments to maximize return
  • Model scenarios to evaluate project portfolio spending: Scenario Comparison allows users to easily compare key financial information and KPIs side-by-side for each scenario
  • Gain faster agreement on project budgets during planning via inbuilt collaboration in real time
  • Monitor, report, and analyze project portfolio activity, status and customer success metrics
  • Share performance improvement results with key business stakeholders using online performance scorecards and configurable dashboard widgets
  • Complete more, higher value projects sooner
  • Monitor your portfolios on a mobile device wherever you are


Primavera Portfolios Cloud enables portfolio planners, executives, stakeholders, and project managers to propose, inventory, prioritize, and select projects in a collaborative fashion and take corrective action when necessary. The solution provides comprehensive long-range tools for capital planning and budget approval across project portfolios. Configurable performance scorecards monitor the life cycle of portfolios based on key measures.


• Primavera Portfolios Cloud helps portfolio managers determine which projects to undertake during a planning cycle

• In the planning phase, projects can be submitted either as project proposals and routed through configured workflows or created as active projects

• Organization-wide KPIs and prioritization metrics can also be identified and created during the planning phase

• Depending on your budget planning needs, organizations can set up capital plans for portfolios using configurable time horizons

• Project stakeholders can estimate project costs and define multi-year capital budgets for their projects as part of this process


• Primavera Portfolios Cloud displays projects and proposed projects on interactive, editable listing pages with full grouping and sorting capability enabling the portfolio manager to slice and dice project data for evaluation purposes

• Simple measures can assist with maximizing project benefits and minimizing costs, risks, and effort across the portfolio

• Extensive what-if scenario modeling tools, including sophisticated water-lining and linear programming options, can be used to evaluate and arrive at an optimum portfolio mix for capital plans.

• The preferred capital plan can be saved and approved as part of the capital planning cycle


• Primavera Portfolios Cloud allows customers to capture, baseline and report on portfolio level measures or KPIs throughout the project lifecycle

• Typical data that’s summarized for use in portfolio monitoring during project execution includes schedule information, project costs, and resource data

• Integration with Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) can be enabled to manage detailed project scheduling and cost breakdowns


• Rich portfolio filtering and KPI monitoring via customizable measures formulae allow for ongoing monitoring of portfolio performance

• Project portfolios can be monitored by displaying portfolio measures on flexible performance scorecards, either at the project level or as a summary across similar portfolios within a workspace

• Budget analysis views such as capital planning scorecards and spending plans allow planners and stakeholders to review spending over time to identify budgets variances and make the necessary adjustments to the plans

Primavera Risk

Capture, assess, monitor, and mitigate project risk to avoid delays or cost overruns and help ensure successful outcomes. Leverage both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses to drive project success.

Manage Project Risk to Improve Planning, Execution

Oracle Primavera Cloud provides visibility into which risks or uncertainty have the greatest impact to your projects and programs.

Manage Risks and Opportunities

The Oracle Primavera Cloud risk register provides a central location for identification, assessment, categorization, and monitoring of all project risk and opportunities.

  • Track potential risks and opportunities at both project and activity levels
  • Manage response plans to determine the best courses of action
  • View and analyze risk scores, probabilities, and thresholds for each individual risk or response item

Run Risk Analysis Using Monte Carlo Simulations

Use advanced Monte Carlo-based analysis to gain deeper understanding into the impact of potential risks and opportunities.

  • Incorporate schedule and risk data to produce histogram curves showing expected time and cost outcomes, and the probability of achieving each one
  • Include schedule uncertainty to provide greater visibility into potential outcomes
  • Analyze mean impact diagrams to determine risks and activities that have the greatest impact on a project’s schedule