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Primavera offers best-in-class solutions focused on the mission critical PPM requirements of key vertical industries including engineering and construction, public sector, aerospace and defense, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and high tech, and IT and services.

P6 Updates

Primavera P6 Updates and Upgrades

Primavera P6 Updates & Upgrades Welcome to our new Primavera P6 Updates blog! Our goal is to review and distill information about all Oracle/Primavera software releases and summarize for our subscribers. As you may be aware, there are two editions of Primavera P6,...

Oracle Aconex

Cloud-based software is bringing newfound efficiency to one of the world’s oldest industries. In fact, almost every Fortune 500 construction & engineering firm, 9 of the top 10 EPCMs, and 23 of the 25 largest global design firms, are benefiting. Using Aconex, they are compressing timelines and optimizing budgets by controlling information and processes across every organization on their project. Aconex provides transparency and control from the moment a project is conceived through close-out, handover and operations.


A level playing field makes for successful projects
A well-run project means capturing what is happening in real time, and making that information available to the right people when they need it. That calls for construction management software that actually gets used. Aconex is a neutral, project-wide platform that gives every organization, from the largest owner to the smallest subcontractor, ownership and control of its own information. That neutrality builds trust, driving adoption. This leads to richer project information and, ultimately, greater value.


Increase productivity with mobile construction apps
Projects are run on-site and on the road as much as in the office. The Aconex suite of construction apps gives your teams the ability to collaborate on the go. Review documents and drawings, conduct inspections, access BIM data, reference O&M manuals and more, all from your mobile device


Security and Performance

Providing information security for the world’s biggest projects
Aconex offers an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform for managing information and processes for construction and engineering projects. We’ve invested over a decade in an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure offering multiple levels of security for cloud-based, project-wide collaboration. We continue to evolve our model to address a constantly changing threat landscape and to ensure your data is always protected. We know our business depends on earning your trust every day, and we take our responsibilities very seriously.


Government Compliance

Meet increasing government compliance standards
With evolving security threats, more prescriptive compliance standards are being imposed worldwide by governments and companies alike, including FedRAMP in the US and IRAP in Australia. Adhering to ISO 27001 standards is no longer sufficient for all organizations and projects. Aconex can meet the additional cloud and SaaS governance needs of these projects.

Aconex Ecosystem

Aconex is the Construction Ecosystem
Connect your internal applications and point solutions to the Aconex Ecosystem to automate the consolidation of all project and portfolio data in one central location. Whether its design software, finance systems or other third party applications, connecting to the Aconex Ecosystem enables interoperability across these tools, so you have all your critical information at your fingertips in real time to make faster, informed decisions.

Oracle Crystal Ball

Unparalleled Insight into the Critical Factors Affecting Risk
Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives you unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. With Crystal Ball, you can make the right tactical decisions to reach your objectives and gain a competitive edge—even in an uncertain market.

Builds on existing Monte Carlo and predictive modeling tools
Provides advanced optimization and calculation capabilities
Combines Oracle Crystal Ball and Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer
Offers an affordably priced version of Oracle Crystal Ball and the Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer

Oracle Autovue

AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Solutions
Oracle’s AutoVue enterprise visualization helps bring products to market faster, enables better business decision-making, and increases revenue and profitability.

AutoVue 2d Professional

Oracle’s AutoVue 2D Professional provides extended teams with access to critical project and asset information contained in 2D CAD and Office documents. Its native document viewing, markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities deliver the foundation for an efficient document collaboration process. Users can digitally communicate and track feedback using a single solution and streamline communication throughout the project/asset lifecycle, maximizing productivity and completing projects faster and within budget.

AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced

Oracle’s AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced makes product and asset documents accessible all enterprise users. With its document viewing, digital markup, and real-time collaboration capabilities users involved in a variety of business processes, such as product design, maintenance and repairs, or project planning can access, share, and collaborate on asset and engineering documents, driving operational efficiency across the product / project lifecycle.

AutoVue Office

Oracle’s AutoVue Office delivers native document viewing and digital annotation capabilities for Microsoft Office, PDF, and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review, and collaborate on hundreds of digital documents without requiring the authoring applications. AutoVue Office delivers the foundation for a flexible and secure digital document sharing, review, and approval platform that connects people and information across geographies and business practices.

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