Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher (also known as Oracle Analytics or Business intelligence Publisher) is a reporting and form creation tool that integrates with many programs, including Primavera P6 and PeopleSoft. Oracle BI publisher pulls data from your database solutions to create robust and graphically advanced reports and forms. Oracle BI is available as an enterprise solution with unlimited users, and a per user solution (with a minimum of 50 user licenses).


Oracle Bl Publisher – Processor Perpetual



+ $7084 for 1st year of Oracle Support & Maintenance. 

Enterprise Solution of Oracle BI Publisher. Best for 100+ users.

Oracle BI Publisher – Named User Perpetual


+ $70.84 per user in Oracle Support & Maintenance

Oracle BI Publisher – Named User Perpetual is a per user solution with a 50 user minimum commitment.

What is Oracle BI Publisher?


Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) is a solution for creating, managing, and delivering customizable documents, templates, and reports. Initially created to aid with reporting in other Oracle programs, BI Publisher allows you to connect to a variety of other programs, such as Primavera P6, Peoplesoft, and JD Edwards. BI Publisher works by pulling data directly from other database solutions, allowing you to apply that data to customized reports, forms, and graphs. Along with the aforementioned applications, BI Publisher can pull data from other databases, BI servers, web services, and even local Excel files. You can even combine data for multiple sources to ensure your reports include all needed data.

When it comes to creating these reports, BI Publisher offers its own web-based layout editor where you can build personalized views pulling information from another database solution. Here, you can quickly create new reports – or use the wide variety of pre-build templates for common use cases, such as invoices and purchase orders. Additionally, the tool also connects to other applications for template design, including Microsoft Work, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Excel. If you’re more accustomed to designing with these programs, you can create templates there to connect to BI Publisher. With BI Publisher, you can create invoices, purchase orders, proposals, marketing materials and even visual reports with ease – fully customized to your exact needs. With a single template created, you can generate a variety of different reports in different formats, and even different languages if needed. The program will deal with these conversions on its own – giving you more time to continue your work.

BI Publisher can also assist with the delivery of reports and documents to multiple destinations at once, such as printers, email, fax, or FTP. A single report can be customized with content for each recipient and sent to multiple destinations on demand, or on a schedule. You can create customized delivery channels, to ensure that your reports always have the right information for the right recipient.

Even while sharing data, you can ensure that your data stays safe. BI Publisher ensures both secured data and delivery based on the file encryption set up by the administrator. For delivery, SSL is supported – but you can add additional security using PGP encryption via FTP delivery.

BI Publisher is a Java application and can be deployed in any J2EE container. It is based on a W3C standard, meaning it can handle large inputs of data and generate outputs very fast, without using too much CPU time or memory.