Performing status updates is a vital part of project management. Once the project begins, you will need to update activities with actual data. You’ll need to know when the activities actually start and finish to perform baseline comparisons. In Oracle Primavera Cloud, there are a few different ways to update activities. Any user who has the appropriate access can view and update the project schedule. This may be an easy process for seasoned schedulers, but not everyone will have this level of expertise. Sometimes, project managers will require field employees to update their own activities. However, it may not always be a good idea to give newer users full access to the schedule in case of errors.

For newer users, you can perform status updates more easily using the My Activities page. This page features an easy to manage view, where users can only see the activities assigned to them. This gives users the ability to update their activities, without the ability to adjust other activities. The page is especially useful for field employees, as they can access this page onsite using the OPC mobile app.

In this article, we will overview the basics of how to use the My Activities page in Oracle Primavera Cloud. For managers, we will look at the process of setting up this page and assigning activities to users. For users, we will show how to update the status of assigned activities – both on a browser and the mobile app.

My Activities and Licenses

Oracle Primavera Cloud’s My Activities page is specifically designed for new users. It features an easy to navigate interface to allow users of all types to update their activities. On this page, users will not be able to see or adjust the full project schedule. Instead, they will only see a list of activities that they were assigned. Managers can assign users to activities as either the Activity Owner or as a resource assignment. For each assigned activity, these users will only be able to update progress. They can enter in when the activity starts, when it finishes, and the progress performed thus far.

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When OPC first launched, the My Activities page was only available to users assigned the Progress license. The Progress license is a more cost effective license that gives users limited access. This license type is popular for outside subcontractors who need to update the activities they are performing.

The Progress license is still available for purchase. However, the capabilities within it are now available within the Schedule license as well. Now, if you have either the Progress or the Schedule license assigned, you will have access to the My Activities page.

Setting Up My Activities Activities for Users

As a project manager or owner, you can adjust the My Activities page settings for your end users. You will need to do two things here: adjust what data the users can update and assign users to activities. To do this, you need to have access to the full project and be able to adjust project settings. Generally, the users who will be using this page to update tasks will not be able to make these adjustments.

Adjusting Settings

To adjust these page settings, open the desired project. You adjust these settings at the project level – meaning that different projects can use different settings. If you need to make major adjustments to this page, you will need to repeat the process for future projects. Within the open project, select Summary & Settings. Navigate to the Settings tab and select My Activities.

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Activity Owners vs. Resources

First, you can choose how to assign users to activities. You can assign users as Activity Owners, Resource Assignments, or Both. If the user is responsible for updating the activity, but is not performing the field work, you should choose Activity Owner. On the other hand, if the user is performing the work on the field and needs to update it, select Resource Assignments. You can also choose Both, which allows you to assign users at both levels.

In general, assigning users as Activity Owners is easier. You can choose any user within the program to set as the owner using the Activity Details. If you choose Resource Assignments, you will need to first create the resource, associate it with the user, and then assign it to the activity.

To keep things simple, I’ll adjust this setting to Activity Owner.


Next, you can choose which activity fields the assigned team members can update. By default, users will be able to edit Actual Start and Actual Finish, but the other fields here are optional. You can add fields here to edit both activity data and resource assignment data as well. Your users will only be able to edit the data that you assign on this page.

The options you select here depend on how you require users to update activities. For example, some managers prefer users to enter in Remaining Duration instead of Percent Complete, or vice versa. In this example, I’ll leave the default options as they are. However, if desired, you can use the X button to remove fields and the Add button to add them.

If you’ve created any custom data sets, like Codes or Configured Fields, you can add those to the page as well.

After making these changes, press Save in the upper right hand corner.

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Assigning Activities to Users

As the project manager, you will also need to assign activities to users. This allows you to determine which users are able to update the selected activities. Users will only be able to see and update activities using the My Activities page if you assign the activity to them. The way that you assign users will depend on whether you selected Activity Owners or Resource Assignments in the last page. 

Assigning Activity Owners

As mentioned above, assigning users as Activity Owners is the easier option. This option allows you to assign any OPC user to any activity within the project. 

To assign Activity Owners, select Schedule > Activities. Select the desired activity and use the Activity Owner field within the General tab of the details section. Here, you can select any OPC user to assign. To do this more quickly, you can add the Activity Owner column to the table as well.

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Assigning Resource Assignments

If you chose to assign activities to Resource Assignments, you will need to first create a resource for the user. You can do this within Resources > Resource List. Select Add to create a new resource and enter in the needed information. Within the General tab of the details section is a User field – here, you can associate this resource with an OPC user.

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With the resource created, you can assign it to activities on the Activities page. To assign a resource, right click on the activity and select Assign Resources. You can also do this using the Resource Assignments tab in the Details section.

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Updating Activities

With activities assigned, those users can now see and update their activities on the My Activities page. If you are a user assigned to an activity, you can access this page by selecting User menu > My Activities.

My Activities Interface

On this page, you’ll see all your assigned activities listed. There are two views available here: Grid View and List View. Grid View will show a more typical project display with all activities in a table. You can view and adjust different activity data from the columns and the details section. List View, on the other hand, is less customizable but provides visual indicators to allow you to quickly update tasks. This view is generally easier for new users.

On the right side of the screen, you can also use a variety of quick filters. You can filter activities on the page by their project, WBS layer, status, or time frame. If you choose a filter and press Apply, you will only see those specific activities in the list.

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Updating Activities using Grid View

The way that you update activities depends on the view that you’re using. First, let’s take a look at Grid View. This view is recommended for users who are familiar with the typical status update process.

In this view, select the desired activity and select the Status column. If the activity has started, adjust the status to either In Progress, if it is ongoing, or Completed, if it has finished. If the activity is in progress, move over to the Start field and enter in the actual start date. Then, use the available fields to mark the progress. Generally, you’ll want to either enter in Activity Percent Complete to show how much work has been done, or Remaining Duration to show how much is left. If the activity has completed, use the Start and Finish fields to enter in the actual Start and Finish dates. If you have the option to enter in Actual Units, you can do that here as well.

Once you’ve marked the progress, select Save. These changes will automatically affect the project schedule. Other users will now be able to see the progress that you entered in.

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Updating Activities using List View

For new users, List View is a lot easier to use. To update an activity using List View, select the Start button once the activity has started. Then, use the right panel to adjust the Start Date and the other progress fields available. Once the activity has finished, select the check mark icon and then adjust the Finished date.

Just like with Grid view, these updates will automatically apply to the project.

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Primavera Cloud Mobile

Along with adjusting activities using this page, you can also use the OPC mobile app. The Oracle Primavera Cloud mobile app allows you to work with your schedule from anywhere, at any time. This app has limited functionality – it won’t allow you to do everything you can within the browser application.

However, the mobile app does give access to the My Activities page. If you’re a field employee, you can update your activities directly from the field.

To download the Primavera Cloud Mobile app, select the User menu > Get Primavera Cloud Mobile. Here, you’ll find a QR code and links to download the app on both the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded, you can log in to your OPC account to access and update your assigned activities.

How to Import XER file into newer version of Primavera P6


Project management requires regular status updates to keep a record of work. Sometimes, field employees and subcontractors will need to update their activities themselves. These users may have limited scheduling experience, so it’s usually not a good idea to give them full access to the project. To make updating easier for new users, Oracle Primavera Cloud offers the My Activities page. This page allows users to see and update only the activities assigned to them. With an easy to navigate interface, users can quickly update their tasks as they’re performed. This page is also available on the Primavera Cloud mobile app. At any time, from any place, users can update their activity’s progress using the My Activities page.

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