In Primavera P6, you can import and export projects from one P6 database to another. If you need to share project files with someone outside of your database, you can export the project file and share it for others to import in. You can export the P6 project file in a variety of file formats, such as XER and XML. XER is the native file format for Primavera P6 – this is best for sending project files to other P6 users.
Within P6, you can only import in XER files for the same version of P6 you’re using or older. For example, if you are utilizing Primavera P6 18, you can not import in an XER file from Primavera P6 23. With that said, there is a work around to import XER files from newer versions of Primavera P6. Of course, it is best to only import in XER files exported from older versions – but this method can be used in a pinch if needed.
This article will outline how to import an XER file from a newer version of Primavera P6 to an older version. However, this method will not work for Primavera P6 15.2.3, as it doesn’t allow you to use modified XER files.
To start, make sure you have the XER file you wish to import saved to your computer. This should be a file exported from a newer version of P6 than you’re using. Locate the file on your computer and right click on it. Select Open With > Choose Another App.
How to Import XER file into newer version of Primavera P6

Select Notepad and press Just Once, as you won’t generally be opening XER files in this application.

Import XER file into Primavera P6 using Notepad

A text document will open with the XER file’s information. In the upper left hand side of the document, you’ll see the P6 version number. Change this version number to the version of Primavera P6 you’ll be importing to. Then, save the text document as an XER file by selecting File > Save.

Import XER file into Primavera P6 using Notepad
You should now be able to import the XER file into your version of P6. To import a file into Primavera P6, open up the program and select File > Import.
Import XER file into Primavera P6 using Notepad

The selected project file should import and open within the program.

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