Oracle Primavera Cloud allows users to print out a variety of pages to share project data. Project managers often need to print and share different views of the schedule – such as the activity timeline or resource usage. When printing documents, it’s useful to be able to place your company’s logo in the header or footer of the page. This creates a more professional look and allows recipients to know where the document is from.
If you print a page in OPC, you will be able to add data to the header/footer using the program’s Enhanced Printing tool. You can find instructions on how to print pages and set page formats here. One thing you can add to a printed page’s header or footer is your Company Logo. This will automatically pull your logo from the database and place it on the print copy.
Unfortunately, you can’t upload your company logo while printing the document. Instead, you need to add it to the program prior via the Application Settings. Once uploaded, this logo can be used for any prints and reports created within OPC.
This article will cover how to upload your company logo to Oracle Primavera Cloud. The following examples are from OPC used on a Google Chrome browser – but the process will be the same for Oracle Primavera Professional. Only users with administrative priveleges can upload a logo into the database. You must either be an Application Administrator or assigned the Administrator global permission set. Basically, if you don’t have access to Global Admin, you will not be able to perform this function. However, once a logo is uploaded, it can be used by any user – regardless of permissions.

Adding a Company Logo

To add your company logo to the program, navigate to the Global Admin page within the Object Selector. This will be available for all users with administrative privileges.

Within Global Admin, select the Application Settings app from the toolbar.

At the top of the page, there is an option to upload a Company Logo for Reports. Select the pencil button to upload an image.

The Upload Logo window will open. Select the button to search your computer for an image to upload. You can upload a GIF, JPG, or PNG image type, and it must be below 2MB in size.
Once selected, press Upload.
The logo will appear in Application Settings and will then be available for any user in your database to use.

Removing a Company Logo

If you need to remove the company logo, you can do so by selecting the pencil button again. In the Upload Logo window, select Remove. The logo will be removed from the page and will no longer be able to be used while printing.

Replacing a Company Logo

You can replace the company logo at any time if needed. Select the pencil button again, and simply upload a new logo. Then, press Upload. The new logo will replace the previous one within the database.

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