When it comes to troubleshooting the measurement and calibration tools in Bluebeam Revu, there are generally three main issues that users run into:

  • The page turns blue whenever you try to take a measurement
  • The PDF won’t properly calibrate, or the measurements aren’t accurate 
  • When opening a PDF, a warning box appears that says:  “This document contains ‘Untitled’ viewports which may interfere with calibration or measurements
How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019


All of these issues occur due to viewports being present on the PDF. Viewports are sections of a drawing that uses its own scale. They allow you to set several scales for different portions of the same drawing. 

The aforementioned issues will occur if the PDF has ‘Untitled’ viewports on it, which are generally created by other applications, such as AutoCAD, and can corrupt the calibration in Bluebeam Revu. The solution to all of these issues is to simply remove these viewports from the drawing.

This article will outline the process of removing viewports to solve a variety of troubleshooting issues, along with how to add a new viewport to set multiple scales on a PDF.

The following examples are taken using the 64x Bluebeam Revu eXtreme edition, but these functionalities are available within all versions of Revu.

To view existing Viewports on a drawing, open the Measurements panel.

How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019

The Viewports section will list all current viewports on the drawing. Selecting a viewport from the list will highlight the portion of the drawing that the viewport is located. The scale associated with the viewport will display in the upper left hand corner of the highlighted area.

Deleting Viewports

Deleting viewports is a common solution to calibration and measurement issues. If viewports are unintentionally present on a drawing, you will want to delete them before calibrating the page to ensure your measurements stay accurate. To delete a viewport, select it from the Viewport section and select the Delete Viewport icon.

How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019

Although viewports can cause issues with calibration when unintentionally present, they also can help ensure accurate measurements when working with a drawing with more than one scale.

For example, this drawing features a Site Plan and a Profile. Each section has its own scale on the same drawing. If you were to just calibrate the scale based on one section, measurements made in another section of the drawing won’t be accurate.

How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019

To ensure the accuracy of drawings with multiple scales, you can add new viewports to the drawing.

Adding Viewports

To add a viewport, select the Add Viewport icon under the Viewport section. The Add Viewport dialogue box will prompt you to select a region to define the viewport. Once the area has been selected, the viewport can be named and a scale can be applied to it. Select Apply and the viewport will be created. The viewport name will appear in the  Viewports section.

How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019

Once viewports have been created for the drawing, measurements can then be performed. Because each section has been calibrated for the appropriate scale, you can be sure that the measurements will be accurate.

How to Export PDF to Microsoft Word and back with Bluebeam PDF Printer in Bluebeam Revu 2019
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  1. Charlie

    If only I could delete unnamed viewports the way this material suggests.

    • Lauren Hecker

      Hi Charlie,
      If you could provide more information about your problem, I would be happy to help.
      You can email me directly at lhecker@taradigm.com

  2. Andrew Nicholson

    The document I have is locked. I can’t edit the Viewports. I want to measure something on the page but I can’t see the image due to the viewports. Is there a way to change the opacity of the viewports so I can take my measurements?

    • Lauren Hecker

      Hi Andrew,
      Unfortunately you can’t adjust the opacity of Viewports – but they should be opaque by default. This might be more of the issue with the locked document, rather than the Viewports.
      Let me know if I can assist with this any further.

  3. Meikle Garrett

    My Bluebeam has a default setting turned on where it deletes all viewports when a file is opened and makes it so every file asks to be saved. Do you happen to know how to turn that setting off?

    • Lauren Hecker

      Hi Meikle,
      Unfortunately I can’t find the setting to turn this option off. When you first open up a PDF with various Viewports, the program will ask you if you want to remove the viewports or keep them – along with a button to not show this window again. What might have happened is someone had chosen to delete Viewports and set the window to not open – this would cause it to happen everytime by default. My recommendation would be to try resetting your application. You can do this by selecting Revu > Preferences > Admin > Reset.

      Hopefully that helps. Please let me know if this issue persists and I can assist further.

      • Kristine

        That helps. Only bad – all custom settings are gone and you’re starting fresh.

        • Derek

          Go to Preferences>General>Options then click the “Reset Hidden Messages” button as the bottom.


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