This is a screenshot of the Oracle Primavera Cloud Schedule Module.

Primavera Cloud is Oracle’s software-as-a-service solution for Primavera P6. It is a subscription service that makes the process for setting up P6 much easier. Normally, Primavera P6 is installed locally on a computer and connected to a database. For large organizations, the database will usually be installed on a server, and P6 will be installed individually on each computer, or accessed on a browser. This can be a very complicated and expensive process to set up. Primavera Cloud is meant to alleviate this step by hosting the database, and software for you, at a reasonable cost. Here is a breakdown of how much Primavera Cloud costs and what is included:

A Primavera Cloud subscription is modular, so you can choose what is included in your subscription. There is a schedule module, a task manager module, a progress module, and a portfolio planning module. Primavera Cloud is a monthly subscription, and at a minimum you have to sign up five people per module. A subscription also includes a dedicated manager that Oracle assigns who is an additional point of contact to ensure your success. Here is how much it would cost to sign up five people for all four modules:

Primavera Cloud ModulesMinimum User ConutPrice/Month/UserTotal/Month
Primavera Schedule5$100$500
Primavera Task Manager5$50$250
Primavera Progress5$12$60
Primavera Portfolio Planning5$200$1,000

Here is a quick breakdown of the four modules: Primavera Cloud Schedule is equivalent to Primavera P6 but with more features including risk management. One difference to consider is that files are in XML format instead of XER (the default file format for P6). Primavera Cloud Task Manager is a lean scheduling module, meant for planning the day-to-day of a schedule’s activities. It easily integrates with the critical path method used by the scheduling module. Primavera Cloud Progress is equivalent to Primavera P6 Progress Reporter, which is used for updating schedules on the field. Primavera Cloud Portfolio Planning is for stakeholders and project managers to have a collaborative view into their portfolios, with the use of dynamic dashboards.

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  1. Cesar Gonzalez

    Hi, i’m looking for licensing the minimal number of users, 5, of Primavera Schedule. I’m in Peru…can i buy through you, or must be a local provider? thanks

    • Lauren Hecker

      Hi Cesar, I’ll have my manager reach out to discuss this further!


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