There are many options for Bluebeam training. There is onsite training, virtual training over Zoom, and Bluebeam video tutorials to name a few. Bluebeam training videos are the most accessible and affordable option. It requires no travel, no overhead, and doesn’t require coordinating a large group of employees. 

Who should learn using training videos?

For some people, video training isn’t as efficient or effective. This is usually true for older people and people unfamiliar with computers and software interfaces. Older employees benefit more from instructor led training because they are used to that format. Older people often have more knowledge about their industry, but need help moving to a digital medium.

Younger and middle aged employees have grown up or grown accustomed to computers. Younger people grew up in the age of social media and text messaging. They often keep to themselves more and avoid asking questions in a live instructor setting. Younger people are more tech savvy, and are used to using the internet to bridge the gaps of their knowledge.

Of course, older and younger people have all different kinds of learning styles. Some older folks may benefit more from online video tutorials, while some young people may benefit more from instructor led instruction. If possible, it’s best to have employees of all ages take both live instruction training and online video training to really drive home and enforce new found knowledge. 

Where can I watch Bluebeam training videos?

We offer both virtual instructor led training, and Bluebeam training videos. Our training videos are formatted into a self-paced class that has a natural progression and includes hands-on activities. Both videos and activities were created as software simulations. The experience is smoother than videos that are simple recordings of a screen. There is no need to have Revu open while doing the activities, the simulations are built in and provide hints when the student gets lost. The activities are like having an instructor guide you through using Bluebeam Revu. A typical activity will ask the student to go through a few steps of what was presented in the video.

What material does your training videos cover?

Our Bluebeam training videos include navigating the interface, creating profiles, opening documents and navigating PDFs. Then they go over markups and the Tool Chest, calibrating PDFs and measurement markups, viewports, layers and PDF creation. Finally, the training videos go over Bluebeam Studio, including Sessions and Projects, and finish off with using all the material covered to create a material takeoff.

You can master Revu using our Bluebeam training videos on their own, or as a supplement to instructor led training. Here is a breakdown of of everything covered in our self paced video training:

Interface and ProfilesCreate a Profile Exercise
Opening Files and PDF NavigationOpening PDFs Exercise
Markup ToolsCreate and Customize a Markup Exercise
The Tool ChestCreate a Custom Tool Set Exercise
The Markups ListUsing the Markups List Exercise
PDF CreationCreate a PDF Exercise
Studio SessionsCreate a Studio Session Exercise
Studio ProjectsCreate a Studio Project Exercise
PDF Page Calibration and ViewportsPage Calibration and Viewport Creation Exercise
The Layers PanelWorking with Layers Exercise
Circular and Linear Measurement ToolsUsing Measurement Tools Exercise
The Count Measurement ToolUsing the Count Measurement Tool Exercise
Creating a Material Takeoff Part OneCreating a Material Takeoff Part Two
Creating a Material Takeoff Part Three


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