Bluebeam® Revu®

Bluebeam Revu is a document and project management solution designed to streamline PDF mark-up and project team collaboration in real-time. Bluebeam Revu has three subscription options to suit and support your business best practices: Basics, Core and Complete.

Subscription Plans



Essential tools for marking up and managing back office and AECO project documents.

Popular Features

  • PDF editing, plus digital signatures and basic measurements
  • Ability to create, review, mark up and store content on any web or iOS device using the Markup Editor
  • Unlimited access to partner-built integrations



Comprehensive tools for managing and collaborating on small- and mid-sized AECO projects. Includes everything in Basics, plus enhanced features.

Popular Features

  • Real-time digital collaboration (via Studio in Revu)
  • Document overlay and compare
  • Punch, RFI and submittals management on the go with Field Tools
  • Geolocational insights



Everything needed to manage and optimize complex AECO projects at scale. Includes everything in Basics and Core, plus advanced features.

Popular Features

  • Advanced measurement and takeoff tools (formulas, Excel live link, Dynamic Fill and more)
  • Advanced automations for scaling projects
  • Batch digital signature and professional seal, Batch Link® and Batch Slip Sheet
  • Ability to implement scripting commands

Compare the features of Bluebeam Revu Basics, Complete, and Core

Document & Markup TrackingBasicsCompleteCore
Annotate PDFs with markups such as customized text, shapes, and stamps.
Track and manage annotations
View, filter and sort markups and comments in the Markups List
Save and reuse tools from the Tool Chest
Change the tool subject and add a comment in the Tool Chest
Set and remove scale from tool sets
Assign markups to layers
Flatten PDF markups
Import PDF markups
Redact PDF content permanently
Translate markups to different languages
Create and add dynamic stamps to PDFs
2D photo markups
Insert hyperlinks into documents and assign a hyperlink to a specific area
Create custom Markup List filters and save them for reuse
Embed 2D photos in markups with Capture
Embed 360° photos and videos in markups with Capture
Calibrate tool sets to dynamically resize on PDFs with different scales/viewports
Create and save markup legends to the Tool Chest
Create, view and apply custom hatch patterns
Create calibrated polygons, polylines, rectangles, and ellipses using Sketch to Scale tools
Create custom statuses
Content Creation, Access, ManagementBasicsCompleteCore
Add or edit headers and footers
Combine separate documents to create a single PDF
Customize the size of new pages and resize existing pages
Embed file attachments
Erase and cut PDF content
Extract, delete, rotate and insert blank pages
Insert existing PDF pages
Preserve hyperlinks when combining and separating linked PDFs
View 3D PDFs
Create a table of contents from bookmarks
Reduce file size using preset and customizable fidelity options
Split documents without altering the source file
Manually create bookmarks and page labels
Automatically create bookmarks and page labels
Mark up 3D views
Overlay pages to compare two or more PDF revisions
Process colors
Create, mark up and manipulate 3D PDFs from any IFC or U3D file
Open, create and modify Sets, and tag files to sort and navigate Sets documents
Navigation & PersonalizationBasicsCompleteCore
Launch multiple instances of Revu
Access and view recent PDFs
Drag document tabs out of interface and into their own windows across multiple monitors
Change markup properties and save for reuse
Create customizable keyboard shortcuts
Customize toolbars
Search local drives and pin files in categories
Transform scanned images into text-searchable PDFs using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Search for symbols with VisualSearch
Measurement ToolsBasicsCompleteCore
Apply measurements of different scales in one PDF using viewports
Measure PDFs with basic measurement tools for length and area
Measure PDFs with advanced measurement tools such as perimeter, volume, angle and count
Add formulas to custom columns for calculations
Link real-time data from measurement markups to Excel worksheets with Quantity Link
Section off and fill drawing regions to generate markups, measurements and spaces with Dynamic Fill
Studio in RevuBasicsCompleteCore
Collaborate in real time with markup tools in existing Studio Sessions
View and upload files to existing Studio Projects and Studio Sessions
Sync Studio Project files locally for offline editing
Create new Studio Projects and Studio Sessions
Plug-ins & IntegrationsBasicsCompleteCore
One-click PDF creation and batch directly from Microsoft® Office and Outlook®
Integrate with SharePoint® and ProjectWise®
Convert any Windows file to PDF or TIF, JPG, BMP, PSD, PNG, PCL, GIF, EMF and WMF files using the Bluebeam PDF printer
Export scanned PDFs as editable Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® documents
One-click 2D PDF creation and batch directly from AutoCAD®, Revit® and SolidWorks®
One-click 3D PDF creation directly from AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks®
Convert Revit Rooms to Revu Spaces
Batch convert files from AutoCAD, Revit and SolidWorks to PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, PSD, PNG, PCL, GIF, EMF and WMF files
Transfer hyperlinks from an AutoCAD file
Import files with SHX fonts from AutoCAD
Import sheet sets from AutoCAD
Security & Digital SignaturesBasicsCompleteCore
Add digital signature fields that require certified digital IDs
Track all digital signatures and certificates
Apply password protection and set permissions
Use Automatic Form Creation to convert PDFs into forms
Merge form data
Apply scale to multiple sheets simultaneously
Batch compare multiple drawing revisions
Automatically create navigational hyperlinks across a specific group of documents using Batch Link®
Batch process hyperlinks for large document sets
Automatically insert new page revisions or replace current pages with new revisions across multiple documents using Batch Slip Sheet
Apply a digital signature and professional seal across a batch of multiple files
Implement scripting commands
Export Project DataBasicsCompleteCore
Generate and export a PDF summary of all markups in a file or across multiple files
Generate and export a CSV or XML summary of all markups in a file
Track and generate reports on markups located in pre-defined customized regions
Markup EditorBasicsCompleteCore
Upload files of any type to secure cloud document storage
View PDFs, update, delete and export files from cloud document storage
Annotate PDFs with markups such as customized text, shapes and vector pen
Collaborate in real time with markup tools on drawings and documents
Save and reuse tools from the Tool Chest
Track and manage markups
Use and change markup statuses in the Markups List
Comment and reply
Field ToolsBasicsCompleteCore
Create new projects
Upload and publish drawings
Add drawings to map view for geolocational insights
Invite project partners to collaborate
Integrate with OneDrive®, SharePoint, Dropbox™, Box, Google Drive™ and Egnyte™
Create, respond to, forward RFIs, and post RFIs on drawings and map view
Export RFI logs
Create punch items, comment, add photos, and post punch items on drawings and map view
Change punch item status and export punch report
Import and export submittal log
Create, review and respond to submittals

Manage projects on any device, anywhere


Bluebeam Revu

  • Revu offers powerful, highly customizable document management, markup and automation tools with a built-in collaboration space, Studio.

    Your customers can:

    • Log in to any desktop with Revu installed and access their projects and tool sets
    • Markup and measure together with teammates in real time using Studio
    • Share the latest drawings and documents with teams in the field using Bluebeam Cloud
    • Increase security and simplify user login with single sign-on (SSO)


Bluebeam Cloud

Teams can connect office and field and complete workflows on the go with Bluebeam Cloud, our new suite of web and mobile solutions that seamlessly connects with your customers’ documents and tool sets in Revu.

Your customers can:

  • Work from anywhere via web or iOS device – no setup or installation required
  • Seamlessly access their tool sets and Studio Project files from Revu
  • Easily invite team members to markup and collaborate in real time with the Markup Editor
  • Effortlessly manage punch, RFIs and submittals on the go with Field Tools



Your customers will now get more out of Revu and Bluebeam Cloud with built-in services designed to help them finish the job faster:

  • Unlimited secure centralized cloud storage (as part of Studio and Bluebeam Cloud)
  • Access to integrations to support custom workflows
  • Access to Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost
  • Detailed user activity tracking, reporting and data insights
  • Geolocational insights to help visualize, connect and organize data

Designed for today’s construction projects.


    Access work anywhere

    Store entire projects in the cloud, invite teammates to digitally collaborate in real time, and access plans and drawings on any web or iOS device in the office or field.


    Communicate effortlessly

    Communicate changes with industry-standard markup and measurement tools. All updates are tracked, preserving important project data customers can share with anyone, anywhere.


    Onboard teams faster

    Gain administrative control with simplified self-serve license management and deployment. Then get everyone up to speed on key features and workflows with Bluebeam University training courses at no additional cost.



Data security your customers can trust

Our global data infrastructure helps organizations mitigate risk and stay compliant with superior security, privacy and control.

We’re SOC 2 Type 1 certified, so your customers can securely access local AWS-based servers, meet data residency requirements and collaborate with teammates anywhere in the world.

Now your customers can enable single sign-on (SSO) access for their whole team and get full administrative control over who sees what.


Connect apps with Bluebeam

Get more done in one place. Connect with external apps, automate custom workflows and share data across devices, systems and teams.