In person classes are a great way to learn the ins and outs of Primavera P6. But, the reality is that you won’t always be able to find the time in your busy schedule to attend live classes- let alone travel for them. Luckily there are several online Primavera P6 class options that will help you learn this popular software from the comfort of your home or office. Read on to learn about the benefits of online Primavera P6 Classes and how to figure out what type of class is best for you and your goals.


Types of Online Primavera P6 Classes


Instructor Led 

Instructor-led online Primavera P6 classes are taught by a live instructor via video conferencing software. These classes give you the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of P6 in a similar way to an in-person class. You’ll have the opportunity to get real-time answers to all of your questions and your instructor will be able to tailor each lesson based on your knowledge level and goals. Typically, these classes run around 8 hours. 



Self-paced Primavera P6 Training classes enable you to learn everything you need to know about P6 at your own pace through training modules and hands-on exercises. Rather than sitting through a day of lessons, this type of class allows you to make progress with the software whenever you would like- whether that is during work, your lunch break, or at home. 


Benefits of Online Primavera P6 Classes


Greater Flexibility

One benefit of online training is that you will have the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world at a time that is convenient for you. Whether you take a live, video conference style class or a self-paced training course, online training can meet your individual needs. 


Cost Effective

Online training courses are typically much less expensive than traditional lessons- especially because in-person classes often require travel. 


Learn at Your Own Pace

Whether you take a self-paced or video conferencing Primavera P6 course, your online class will allow you to learn at your own pace. In video-conferencing classes, your live instructor can base your class on your experience level and go over specific topics that would benefit you the most. With self-paced classes, you can take your course as quickly or slowly as you’d like- and access your materials from anywhere, 24/7.


What Online Primavera P6 Class is Right For You?


Consider Your Needs and Goals

To ensure that you select the right type of training for you, you should consider what your needs and goals are for learning the software. Do you need to learn the program quickly with real-time answers to your questions? Do you want your team to learn the program as a group? Then virtual training with a live instructor may be the best option for you. Or, are you more interested in learning the program in short segments? Do you value independent, hands-on learning? If so, self-paced training could be a great option for you. 


Figure Out When and Where You Would Like to Take Your Class

One important question to ask yourself is when and where you would like to take your class. If you would like to take your class at the office or strictly during the work day you may consider taking a virtual instructor led class. With these classes, you can typically complete your training in a one-day eight hour course. If, on the other hand, you would like to have the flexibility to work at home or during non-work hours, a self-paced class could be a great solution for you. 


Consider Course Content 

One of the biggest things to take into consideration is course content. Typically, P6 courses are taught as either a basic course or an advanced course. Basics courses typically cover the fundamentals of the software from getting started with navigation to setting up projects, creating work breakdown structures, establishing baselines and more. Advanced courses go beyond the basics with lessons like creating organizational breakdown structures, setting up databases for multiple users, creating security profiles and much more. 


Discuss Options With Course Instructors

If you’re unsure about what type of class or what level of class would be best for you, have a chat with your potential instructor. They can help guide you through your options and allow you to get the most out of your P6 training. 


Here at Taradigm, our experienced instructors can not only suggest the best course for you, they can help customize your course for a personalized training experience. 


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Enroll in Taradigm Courses


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Primavera P6 Basic Virtual Online Training

Taradigm’s Primavera P6 Basics virtual training course is a comprehensive online class that covers everything you need to navigate the program and master the basics of CPM scheduling. Our experienced instructors will guide you in a virtual classroom environment via Zoom. There, you’ll be able to communicate with the instructor, get live answers to your questions, and complete hands-on activities to gain experience with using the program. 


Here are just a few topics covered in the basic class:


  • General Navigation
  • Enterprise Project Structure
  • Creating a Project
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Analyzing Resources and Costs
  • Making Baseline Comparisons
  • Exporting Your Project


For more information see the Primavera P6 Virtual Basics Training Page.


Primavera P6 Advanced Virtual Online Training

Like the Primavera P6 Basic course, Taradigm’s Primavera P6 Advanced virtual training course is taught by a live instructor via Zoom. This advanced course dives even further into P6, covering a wide range of topics. You’ll learn everything from how to set up a new user and assign security profiles to how to use tools like Reflections, Global Change, Codes, Activity Steps, and Suspend & Resume Activities. Of course- you’ll be able to ask questions and complete hands-on exercises throughout the course.


Here are just a few topics covered in the advanced class:


  • New User Setup 
  • Creating an Organizational Breakdown Structure
  • Setting up Security Profiles
  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Comparison
  • Calculating Percent Complete
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Implementing Risk Management Strategies

For more information, visit the Primavera P6 Advanced virtual training course page. 



Primavera P6 Basic Self-Paced Training

Taradigm is proud to offer a self-paced training option based off of our virtual instructor led program. The Primavera P6 Basic Self-Paced training course covers everything you need to become proficient in P6. Our self-paced training is organized into a series of lessons and hands-on exercises in an online database. The course culminates in a final exam and a certificate upon completion. Your enrollment gives you access to the program for 60 days. During that time you’ll have access to the program from anywhere with an internet connection, 24/7. 


For more information see the Primavera P6 Basic Self-Paced training page. 


Primavera P6 Advanced Self-Paced Training

Like the P6 Basics Self Paced training, Taradigm’s Primavera P6 Advanced Self-Paced Training is based on our virtual instructor-led course. In this class you’ll learn advanced concepts and techniques to hone your skills and knowledge of Primavera P6. Just like the basics course, this advanced course provides a series of lessons and exercises that you can access online 24/7. The course culminates in a final exam and a certificate upon completion. Your enrollment gives you access to the program for 60 days. 


For more information see the Primavera P6 Advanced Self-Paced Training page. 


Virtual and Self-Paced Training is the Way to Go For Flexible Learning

The benefits of Online Primavera P6 classes are plenty. Virtual and self-paced training options are a great way for project managers and schedulers to master Primavera P6. With affordable, flexible, online courses you’ll have the power to learn at your own pace and with guided support. Learn how to effectively manage projects without the hassle and cost of travel-  choose an online P6 course!



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