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Oracle Primavera Cloud, also known as OPC, offers a scalable, low cost, entry solution for companies transitioning their project portfolios and project scheduling to an online environment. Many project professionals are transitioning their projects and portfolios from Primavera P6 Professional to Oracle Primavera Cloud, as the program features the same scheduling capabilities at a lower cost. Additionally, Oracle Primavera Cloud is an online cloud based environment, allowing users to access their projects at any time, from any computer or tablet.

To assist in this transition, OPC allows you to import already created schedules, resources, codes, and other project data from Primavera P6 XML file. 

This article will overview how to export Primavera P6 Professional files into XML files and how to import those files into Oracle Primavera Cloud. Once imported, the project can continue to be worked on within OPC with all of the additional capabilities that the platform offers.

Exporting a Primavera P6 Project as an XML File

To import a Primavera P6 Professional project into OPC, you will first need an XML file of your desired project. At any time, you can export a project from Primavera P6 Professional to a variety of different file types. 

To start with, have a project open in Primavera P6 Professional and select File > Export. Work through the Export dialogue box, selecting Primavera P6 (XML) as the Export Format and choosing a desired location to save the file.

Access Preferences in the Revu menu in Bluebeam Revu 2019

The file will download into a zipped file. Before continuing, you will need to make sure you extract the files so they are accessible. This can be done by opening the zipped file on your hard drive and selecting Extract All.

Switch from dark mode to light mode theme in Preferences of Bluebeam Revu 2019

Importing the XML File into Oracle Primavera Cloud

With the XML file exported and extracted, it can now be imported into Oracle Primavera Cloud.

Once logged in to OPC, use the Object Selector to select Projects > View All Projects. Select the desired Workspace to place the project into from the Workspace list on the left.

How to use snapshot tool in Bluebeam Revu 2019

Using the Action dropdown, select Import P6 XML. From this same menu, you can also import projects and data from Microsoft Project and Excel. Select the ellipses under Select File to find the XML file from your harddrive, then select Next.

On the Configuration page, choose which objects to include in the import. To include everything in the import, you can leave these settings as they are and select Finish.

A dialogue box will appear, letting you know that you’ll receive a notification when the import is complete.

How to edit punch tools in Bluebeam Revu 2019

With the project imported, it will now be listed in the Projects list. The Project’s schedule can be accessed by selecting Schedule > Activities. All of the project data will have successfully been uploaded into Oracle Primavera Cloud.

How to use the reuse markup tool in Bluebeam Revu 2019

With the project in OPC, further workflows can be performed, such as status updates, schedule comparison, and risk analysis.

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Lauren Hecker is the Primavera P6 Professional and Oracle Primavera Cloud instructor for Taradigm. To see her next open enrollment course, please visit our calendar. To schedule an onsite or custom course, please contact us!


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