Bluebeam Revu 2019 comes in three different editions: Standard, CAD, and eXtreme. Each version features different capabilities and all are available for different price points. This can make it confusing for new users to know which program is right for them. For those interested in purchasing Bluebeam Revu, but are unsure of what version you should get, here is a quick breakdown and comparison of Bluebeam Revu Standard, CAD, and eXtreme.

Bluebeam Revu Standard


This is the most basic version of Revu, and comes at the lowest price point. Revu Standard is the base edition of Revu, and both CAD and eXtreme build upon the features within this program.

Bluebeam Revu Standard Standard features a variety of PDF markup, editing, and collaboration tools, and is best fit for those who only require the core features of Revu.

Key features of Bluebeam Revu Standard include:


  • PDF Creation and Editing: quickly create and edit PDFs to your specific needs
  • Markups: redline your PDFs with a variety customizable tools
  • The Markups List: a powerful feature that tracks annotation data within a customizable list
  • Measurement Tools: take accurate calculations from your PDF and easily track that information
  • Bluebeam Studio: a cloud-based version of the program that allows for powerful document management and real-time collaboration on drawings. Bluebeam Studio includes both Studio Sessions (which allows project teams review and mark up documents simultaneously) and Studio Projects (which allows unlimited document hosting space, ensuring all your documents are accessible from one space)

Bluebeam Revu CAD

This is the mid-tier version of Bluebeam Revu, and includes all of the capabilities of Bluebeam Revu Standard. Additionally, Bluebeam Revu CAD includes solutions for CAD users with smart plugins for PDF creation.

Bluebeam Revu CAD is best suited for design professionals who will be using Revu to compliment the functionality of various CAD programs.

Key features of Bluebeam Revu CAD include: 

  • All features available in Bluebeam Revu Standard
  • Plugins for 2D PDFs: create PDFs from AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, and SketchUp Pro
  • Plugins for 3D PDFs: create 3D PDFs from Revit, Navisworks Manage, Navisworks Simulate, Sketchup Pro, and any IFC file
  • Batch Creation: convert an unlimited number of files from CAD programs and apply stamps, cover sheets, headers, footers, and more

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme

This is the top-tier version of Bluebeam Revu, and includes all of the capabilities of Bluebeam Revu Standard and CAD. Bluebeam Revu eXtreme features additional tools that aid in automation and document collaboration. 

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme is best suited for power users who want to automate complex processes for more efficient workflows.

Key features of Bluebeam Revu eXtreme include: 

  • All features available in Bluebeam Revu Standard and Bluebeam Revu CAD
  • Batch Link: automatically generate unlimited hyperlinks based on file name, page label, or page region
  • Batch Slip Sheet: automatically match new revisions with their corresponding current sheets and carry over all markup data
  • OCR: transform scanned PDFs into text-searchable and selectable files
  • Quantity Link: a powerful tool that seamlessly links measurement totals from multiple PDFs to Excel
  • Automatic Form Creation: automatically create PDF forms from scanned or digital documents
  • Batch Sign & Seal: quickly apply a digital signature (or professional seal) across a batch of multiple files


To better assist you in figuring out which Bluebeam Revu version is best for you, here is a further breakdown of tools available:

Calibrate the scale for measuring in Bluebeam Revu 2019.
Using the measurement markup tools in Bluebeam Revu 2019
Use the Markups List to track measurements in Bluebeam Revu 2019
Create custom columns in the Markups List for estimation in Bluebeam Revu 2019

If you are interested in purchasing Bluebeam Revu, you can find all three versions in our Taradigm webstore.

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