In Bluebeam Revu 2018, you are able to manipulate pages within a PDF with ease. The options for doing so may however not be readily apparent to a new user. It may be a user’s intuition to add a blank page in between pages by using the ‘document’ drop down menu on the menu bar, since other options for manipulating pages, such as replace pages, are located in this menu. This will prove frustrating for a new user since most of the options on the documents drop down menu affect all the pages in PDF, and none of the other drop down menus indicate where to find the tools to manipulate individual pages. The options for adding blank pages and reordering pages are actually hiding in plain site on the panel access bar (commonly located to the left of the application window) in a panel access menu called ‘Thumbnails.’ In this article I’ll be going over some of the tools in the Thumbnails panel menu, specifically those that aren’t available in the Document drop down menu. In these examples I am using the 64x Bluebeam Revu 2018 eXtreme edition.

First, I’d like to point out that you are easily able to add a blank page at the end of a PDF document using the blank page icon on the toolbar, which looks like a page with an addition symbol next to it, and appears when a document is open:

To add blank pages between certain pages, or reorder pages, navigate to the panel access bar and select the thumbnails panel, which looks like a window with four window panes.

The Thumbnails Panel Access menu will open, showing the individual pages in the document as thumbnails in a grid. The first page of the document starts at the top left and moves to the right and then down to the left thumbnail on the next row.

To add a blank page in between two existing pages, first select the ‘add a blank page’ icon. A blank page will be added.

Now reorder it. To reorder pages, select a thumbnail and drag it, much like moving an application shortcut on your desktop.

You can open the documents drop down menu from within the panel access menu by selecting the word ‘Thumbnails’ at the top of the panel.

You can expand or contract the thumbnail sizes by dragging the slider left or right respectively on the bottom of the panel.

You can hide or show page labels by selecting the icon to the right of the word ‘Thumbnails.’

And you can create page labels by selecting the icon further to the right, which will open a dialogue window to create page labels.

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