When you purchase a user license of Bluebeam Revu, you are given a serial number and product key that allows you to register the software, which is essentially like turning it on. When you first install Revu you should be prompted to register as part of the installation. You may find that you need to unregister and re-register Revu if you are moving the software to another computer, and you may find that you need to unregister and uninstall Revu if you are updating to a newer version or if you are over installed.

When you update to a new version of Revu, you should be prompted to unregister and uninstall previous versions automatically. Because newer versions of Revu can sometimes be drastically different and may interrupt or slow your users down, you are given the option to keep the old software as a way to transition to the new version. However, this will show that you now have more licenses registered than you originally purchased. While it may be tedious to track down older versions that shouldn’t be installed, the process of actually removing them from a user’s computer is relatively painless.

After you identify which computers have old versions of Revu (or if you just need to move a license to a new computer) simply open the old version of Revu, and select ‘unregister.’ For Revu 2017 and below, you need to go to ‘Help’ on the menu bar which will open the corresponding command bar. Then you need to select the key icon that says ‘unregister.’ The process to register is the same, except the key will say ‘register’ instead of ‘unregister’ and when you select it, a dialogue box will open where you can input your serial number and product key to register the software. Here’s a GIF of how to do this:

For Revu 2018, the process is a little different because Bluebeam combined Revu and Vu (Bluebeam’s old free PDF viewer) so that an unregistered copy of Revu 2018 is the free PDF viewer. To unregister, locate ‘Revu’ on the menu bar. Select ‘Revu’ to open a drop-down menu. Select ‘unregister’ from the dropdown menu. Revu will now be the free PDF viewer until it is registered or uninstalled. To register, the process is the same except the drop-down menu will say ‘register’ instead of ‘unregister.’ Select ‘register’ which will open a dialogue box where you can enter your serial number and product key tied to the license. Here’s a GIF that shows these steps:
The process for uninstalling Revu is different depending on what version of Windows you have. For Windows 10, right click on the start button, and select ‘Apps and Features.’ A window will open with a list of installed applications, with a search bar at the top of the list. Use the list to locate Bluebeam Revu, select Revu from the list and select uninstall. Here is another GIF showing these steps:

If you are over installed and need assistance locating old versions of Revu, please fill out this form so that we can run a license and installation report for you and help track down orphaned copies of Revu.

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