There are so many benefits of Primavera P6. Whether you’re a project manager, scheduler, stakeholder, or business owner, you can take advantage of Primavera P6’s powerful features. With unparalleled tracking, monitoring, and control you’ll be able to optimize your project- no matter the size or complexity. Plus- P6’s convenient, easy-to-use features make collaboration a breeze. Here are 10 benefits of Primavera P6: 


10 Benefits of Primavera P6


1 | Remote Access

Primavera P6 EPPM gives you the flexibility to access the application from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This way, you’ll be able to use the program, connect, and collaborate with team members at a time and place that is most convenient for you. 


2 | User-Friendly

Primavera P6’s interface is designed to be user-friendly. In fact, those with experience with enterprise scheduling software may find they can get started right away. Even inexperienced users will likely find the intuitive navigation easy to use. 


Our Primavera P6 Virtual Instructor-led or self-paced courses can help you and your team get comfortable with the program in as little as one day!


3 | Improved Collaboration 

Anyone who has managed a project knows that effective team collaboration is essential for success. Primavera P6 gives users the ability to view a centralized workspace that allows them to access and share information in real time. Here, users can view a clear project plan, make comments and notes on the schedule, view tasks, and contact coworkers. Plus, the ability to view who is responsible for what task or aspect of the project clears confusion and keeps everyone on the same page.


4 | Optimized Resources

P6 allows users to view, monitor, and adjust project resources to meet complex demands. The software also has the ability to identify resource trends that will allow you to make adjustments and reduce costs. 


5 | Scheduling Accuracy 

An accurate schedule starts with good data. That’s why Primavera P6 has robust scheduling capabilities and tools that allow you to build your schedule from the ground up so no data gets lost along the way. With complete and accurate data and a comprehensive and complete schedule, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary delays. 


6 | Integration Capabilities

Primavera P6 allows you to integrate with your other project management tools. This way, you’ll be able to automatically integrate data and reduce costly and irritating mistakes that can occur with manual data transfer. 


7 | Better Risk-Management 

Scheduling errors, overrun issues, data inconsistencies and more can be a major headache for project managers. These issues can not only extend the project’s timeline, they can result in hefty unnecessary costs. Primavera P6 makes it easy to mitigate these risks. With P6’s powerful scheduling capabilities, you can create a complete schedule that takes each aspect of even the most complex projects into account. 


8 | Tracking Features

P6’s tracking capabilities allow you to perform cost, schedule, and resource analysis in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to access, display, and manipulate your project’s data which will all be displayed and summarized in rapidly generated reports found in the Tracking window. 


9 | Enhanced Resource Management

Primavera P6 offers powerful tools for managing and scheduling project resources. One such tool is the resource leveling tool, which can ensure that all of your resources are properly allocated and that none of them overlap. In fact, “performing resource leveling allows P6 to adjust schedule activities in a way that reduces or eliminates overloads for resources assigned to more than one activity within a project or across many projects.”


10 | Popularity

Primavera P6 software is already an extremely relevant and popular project management and scheduling solution. By purchasing P6, you will join many industry leaders who have chosen P6 over other programs. In fact, P6 is used all over the world by some of the largest companies and agencies in many different fields including construction, engineering, manufacturing, energy, and IT.


The benefits of Primavera P6 are hard to beat! Whether you’re looking to purchase Primavera P6 for your projects, or you’re planning to learn the software to boost your project management career, Taradigm has you covered.



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